Woden - EN

About us

A story of innovation

21 years ago we began to provide our services to technology companies, with a clear mission, to use technology to turn into opportunities, what others considered electronic waste.

Today, we not only enhance the useful life cycle of used technological devices, but also, we put electronic equipment and cutting edge technological services at the disposal of people and companies.

ISO 9001 - 2015 and
 14001 - 2015 Certificaciones

We are business partners of worldwide leading technology and communications brands, therefore, our services meet the quality standards necessary to satisfy our customers.

Environmental Impact

Since our creation, we have been an important player in the reduction of environmental deterioration, through our repair and remanufacturing processes, managing to avoid tons of electronic waste, by-products of the production of electronic equipment and consumption of natural resources.

+2.4K collaborators in Latin America

21 years of experience in Latin America

Presence in 8 Latin American countries

+20K square meters of operation

+4M units processed per year

+1.7K Tons of WEEE avoided per year

+1.4M Liters of water saved per year

+1.9K Tons of CO2 avoided per year

Social responsibility

We work together with the Secretariat of Social Inclusion and the Best Buddies Foundation, to give opportunities to those who need them most.

We are convinced that diversity and inclusion enrich our culture and teach us to be better people and professionals every day. That is why our work teams are conformed regardless of beliefs, ideologies, religion, race, gender or physical and/or cognitive abilities.