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Aftersales Services

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We support the greatness of your brand.

Contact Center

We listen and respond to the requests of end users with cordiality and service vocation.

See Contact Center

Field Services

We have field technicians in the main cities of the country, to provide on-site support to our clients and their final users.

See Field Services

Front & Back services

We have staff in your DTC stores for timely attention of requests.

See Front & Back

Authorized Service Centers

We serve your customers through technical support in warranty or out of warranty.

See Authorized Service Centers

Storage and Inventory

Supported in a robust physical and technological infrastructure, to have control of units and parts.

See Storage and Inventory


Functional and cosmetic diagnosis of electronic units, in order to accurately identify the existing faults.

See Diagnostic

Modular and Component Repair

Specialized repair service for electronics units, at a modular or component level.

See Repair

Import of Records

We manage the import of assets, for those international clients that do not have a legal entity incorporated in the country.

See Import of Records

Specialized Screen Repair

We have unique technology in Colombia, to repair televisions screens, monitors, industrial monitors and mobile devices.

See Screen Repair


We have a dedicated team to developing innovative solutions that improve and optimize the products and services of our clients.

See Innovation

Electronics Reuse

We take care of the environment, reusing parts and functional components of an irreparable units in another repairable.

See Electronics reuse

Units, Parts and Accessories Supply

Sale of parts and accessories necessary and / or complementary for the proper functioning of your electronic devices.

See Supply

Our solutions for aftersales services are an endorsement for your brand

Avoid allocating resources and efforts divided into independent processes and suppliers, configure with us an integral solution and optimize your investments and resources.

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