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Collection Centers

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The most important companies in telecommunications and technology make use of our collection service to later dispose their fixed assets to the next step in the logistics chain.

Easy access

We have collection centers for our customers and their end users, easily accessible and safe, to temporarily store their fixed assets.


We offer you the possibility of configuring this service customized to your needs, defining scopes, coverage, information systems to use (Own or Woden’s), etc.


We provide traceability of the fixed assets of our clients during each stage of the process. In our collection centers your fixed assets are safe and controlled.

Accessibility for customers and final users

Our collection centers are a functional tool that facilitates and optimizes the process of inverse and direct logistics of our customer's fixed assets, at a critical point in which the final user usually intervenes.

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Benefits of our Collection Centers Service

Our services for the direct and inverse supply chain are designed to optimize the processes of your Company.

Happy users

Our easy-to-access collection centers allow interaction between end users and companies in a positive way, maintaining a good service experience.


We avoid complicated processes for our clients, which defocus their attention and efforts on what is really important for them.

Our collections centers are an efficiency engine

Avoid allocating resources and divided efforts into independent processes and suppliers, configure with us an integral solution to your needs.

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