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Testing And Screening

Successful Diagnosis

We save time and money to our customers by detecting the specific processes to which electronic equipment must be submitted.


We have cutting edge technology to test the level of functionality of an electronic device and detect specific faults in it.


Our technologies allow us to make diagnostic tests on multiple electronic devices at the same time, and with the same precision as per individual equipment.

Customized testing

We develop test protocols, from the hand of our clients, to guarantee maximum precision in the results. In this way we achieve that the electronic equipment is subjected to the specific processes that they require.

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Benefits of our Testing and Screening service

Save time and money by improving the quality of the repair.


Successful diagnostics prevent electronic equipment from being subjected to processes that are not necessary and thus increases efficiency in repairing.


Avoiding equipment being subjected to unnecessary processes generates significant savings in terms of time and turnover due to remanufacturing processes.

Testing & screening are an engine of savings and quality

Avoid allocating resources and divided efforts into independent processes and suppliers, configure an integral solution to your needs and increase the useful life cycle of your company technological fixed assets.

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