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Field Services

Assets Recovery

Recover assets to re-inject into your supply chain.

On site

We recover your assets wherever they are.


We transport your assets taking care of it's integrity.


Control of recovery status and status of assets

Returns the are savings

The return of your company's resources can generate great savings and optimization of investments since they can be used again within the supply chain.

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Benefits of our Field Services

Clients with more than satisfied expectations,¡exceeded!


The experience and quality of the field services, generates loyalty of end users with your brand.


Recovering assets in field for reuse optimizes your investments.


We avoid complicated processes for our clients, which defocus their attention and efforts from their core business.

Field services are an endorsement for yout brand

Avoid allocating resources and efforts divided into independent processes and suppliers, configure with us an integral solution and provide the best after-sales service to your end users.

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