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Front & Back Service

Provide better service in your DTC store

We support your customer service.


We serve your users directly.


Your staff attends and ours resolves.

Excellent service experience

Provide an excellent service experience to your customers through quality and timely technical support, helping to improve service times and build user loyalty with your brand.

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Benefits of our Front & Back Service

Clients satisfied with their service experience, will give positive referencing of your brand.


The experience and quality of the technical service, generates user loyalty with your brand.


Get your users to become promoters of your brand, strengthening its reputation.

Action time

By taking care of the technical supports in your DTC store, we reduce service times.

Front and Back service is a backup for your brand

Today's customers demand immediacy in the attention and quality in the resolution of their support requests. Surprise them and trust them with the Front and Back service of Woden®

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