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It always can be better

We have a team of innovators at the service of the continuous improvement of our solutions and those of our clients.

Our Own Products

Our innovation team is constantly searching for improvements and optimizations of the products and services we offer to our clients.

Customer Products

In addition, our innovation team develops methods to improve the products, processes and technological assets of our customers.


The Woden® innovation unit is focused on generating significant savings and revenues for both the company and our customers.

Always curious

We are passionate about seeing processes from different perspectives to the traditional ones and anticipating technological trends. For that reason our innovation unit is the pillar to say that we understand the technological future.

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Benefits of Woden's Innovation

Innovation as a multiplier.


The improvements to products and services of the client, developed by this unit, imply significant savings in the operation of them.


Improvements to customer products and services, developed by this unit, prevent reprocessing and optimize times in the supply chain.


We detect malfunctioning or failures in the products and services of our customers and develop solutions, avoiding a negative impact on the experience of final users.

Innovation is in small details

Re-thinking a product in its entirety or developing a piece, part or process in a different way, can mean strong optimizations. Our innovation unit is at your service.

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