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Direct and Reverse Logistics

Your fixed assets in time and form

We have the experience, infrastructure and technological systems so that your fixed assets are at the point of the direct and/or inverse supply chain, in the time and form required.


We offer a complete direct and inverse logistics service, which can range from contact with customers through Contact Center, to field services, collection centers, collection and delivery, among others.


We offer you the possibility of configuring the direct and/or inverse logistics services customized to your needs, defining scopes, coverage, information systems to be used (Own or Woden’s), etc.


In any logistics process, information is essential, therefore, we provide traceability of the fixed assets of our customers during each stage of the process in the direct and/or inverse chain of supplies.

Logistics at the Latin American level

We articulate logistics services from Colombia, with scope and coverage for Latin America, according to the needs of your company.

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Benefits of our Direct and Reverse Logistics services

Our services for the direct and inverse supply chain are designed to optimize your company's processes.

Happy users

Our management in the direct/inverse supply chain allows our customers to provide their services in a timely manner, which results in satisfied and happy users.


We avoid our clients and their users, annoying and complicated processes, that defocus their attention and efforts of what is really important for them.


Our direct and inverse logistics services have scopes in order to keep the flow of communication and information between customers, suppliers, partners, final users and Woden®.

Our logistics services are a savings engine

Avoid allocating resources and divided efforts into independent processes and suppliers, configuring with us an integral solution to your needs.

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