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Packing, Kitting y Fulfillment

Packaging of assets and/or products

Packing service of assets and/or individual products with or without accessories.


Development of packaging material according to the needs of the product and uses. For this we perform various tests before the production of the material, such as resistance.


We are able to supply the accessories required for the proper functioning of the product or fixed asset for which the packaging is developed.

Customized development

We develop packaging with the specific form, material and distribution in order that your fixed assets and/or products do not suffer functional or cosmetic affectation, in any of the processes within the logistics chain.

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Benefits of our Packing, Fulfillment and Kitting service


You can be sure that your product will be properly packaged and will not be affected in the logistics processes.


We avoid complicated processes for our clients, which defocus the attention and efforts on what is truly important for them.


We make the most of the fixed assets of our clients in order to avoid them prematurely incurring in new purchases.

Our packing, kitting y fulfillment es un motor de ahorro

Prevent your company from prematurely investing in renovating technological fixed assets, when you can optimize your investments by reusing accessories. You can also be sure that your fixed assets and/or products are packaged under the specific conditions required.

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