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Cosmetic Reconditioning

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Presentation says a lot about the quality of a product and/or service and the brand that represents it. For that reason, in Woden® we take care of even the smallest cosmetic detail.


Our services of cosmetic reconditioning include cleaning, sanding, polishing, finishing, painting, analog and digital marking and recovery of plastic and metal parts.


We understand that each product and service requires different standards in its appearance, therefore we carry out a preliminary cosmetic inspection.


We have cutting edge technology for the cosmetic processing of electronic equipment. Paint booths and robots, UV curing printers and 3D printers.

Excellent first impression

Impress buyers and users of your products and services with an impeccable presentation, under the image standards defined by your brand.

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Benefits of our Reconditioning service

Our cosmetic reconditioning service adjusts and maintains the cosmetic quality standards defined by your brand.

First impression

Your product or service will give a good impression to the users, by means of a rigorously groomed cosmetic appearance, according to the standards defined by your company.

We take care of your brand

We use the specific colors and finishes defined by the visual identity of your company and in this way we guarantee the original appearance of your fixed assets.


We use supplies designed specifically for the product to be reconditioned, according to the use that is given to it. In this way we achieve durability in the cosmetic finish.

Cosmetic reconditioning

Prevent your company from investing prematurely in renovating technological fixed assets, which may be in optimal conditions at functional level and only need cosmetic processing.

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