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Specialized Repair

Repair of electronic units

We have high level technicians and cutting edge technology to perform repair of electronic equipment.


We extend the useful life of electronic equipment taking into account that the functional and cosmetic aspects are at an optimum level to provide a quality service to the final user.


We do not repair by repairing. Our processes are based on a functional diagnosis and cosmetic inspection, which guarantees that the equipment is subjected to the required process.


There is no place for waste. For that reason we carefully select the functional modules of irreparable equipment to use them in future repairs.

Extend the useful life of your technological assets

That your fixed assets work for longer means that your company will not have to invest prematurely in new assets.

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Benefits of our Modular and Component repair

To provide an optimal and uninterrupted service through high quality remanufactured equipment, is to take care of your investments and the reputation of your company before the end user.

Happy users

Final users demand optimal conditions in the services they hire and products they buy. We help you meet these conditions through high quality remanufactured equipment.


Repairing electronic equipment to extend its useful life cycle, prevents your company from having to spend prematurely on new equipment, or replacements for warranty, which results in significant savings and optimization of investments.

Environmental impact

Extending the useful life of electronic equipment directly impacts the amount of electronic waste that companies and individuals generate annually, which helps to preserve the environment and natural resources.

Our repair services are a savings engine

Prevent your company from prematurely investing in renovating technological fixed assets, when you can optimize your investments by extending the useful life of your current assets.

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