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Electronics Reuse

For a better planet

Our production takes maximum advantage of available resources, without compromising quality.

Mix and Match

We mix components or modules in perfect condition of an irreparable equipment, to successfully complete the remanufacturing of other repairable equipment.


We carefully select all those components and electronic modules in perfect condition, which in the future can be used to repair other equipment.

Make the most of your technological resources

Even when a piece of equipment is irreparable, many of its components may be in perfect condition and serve to complete the remanufacturing process of another. There is no space for waste.

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Benefits of our electronics reuse service

A service that promotes sustainability

Save money

By having a stock of parts and components in perfect condition for reuse, we generate savings for our customers as it avoids having to supply a greater number of supplies and spare parts for repairing your products.

Save resources

Reusing electronic components means reducing the need to consume natural resources for the premature manufacture of new components and spare parts.

Environmental impact

Using parts and components of irreparable electronic equipment means that the amount of electronic waste generated in our production decreases significantly.

Aproveche al máximo sus recursos tecnológicos

Aún cuando un equipo es irreparable, muchos de sus componentes pueden estar en perfecto estado y servir para completar el proceso de remanufactura de otro. No hay espacio para desperdicios.

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