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Reverse Logistics

Optimize resources and generate value for your customers.

Direct and Reverse Logistics

Integration of logistic services for the optimization of resources and production times in the direct and inverse supply chain.

See Logistics

Contact Center

Inbound and outbound Contact Center for after sales support, scheduling of services, notification, reception of request, etc.

See Contact Center

Field Services

We have field technicians in the main cities of the country, to provide on-site support to our customers and final users.

See Field Services

Collection Centers

Temporary storage of assets, for subsequent distribution to the different stages of the reverse supply chain.

See Collection Centers

Storage and Inventories

Supported in a robust physical and technological infrastructure, to have control of the assets.

See Storage and Inventories


Functional and cosmetic diagnosis of electronic devices, in order to accurately identify the existing faults.

See Diagnostic

Modular and Component Repair

Specialized repair service at a modular or component level that allows us to generate savings for our clients.

See Repair Services

Cosmetic Reconditioning

Plastic and metal parts Restoration. Marking, painting, sanding, polishing, silk screen printing, UV curing digital printing, etc.

See Screen Repair

Specialized Screen Repair

We have unique technology in Colombia, to repair televisions screens, monitors, industrial monitors and mobile devices.

See Screen Repair

Electronic Assembly

Exclusive service developed thanks to the knowledge of the handling of electronic units.

See Electronics Assembly

Electronic Reuse

We take care of the environment, making re-use of functional parts and components of an irreparable devices in repairable one.

See Electroni Reuse

Units, Parts and Accessories Supply

Sale of parts and accessories, necessary and / or complementary for the proper functioning of your electronic units.

See Supply

Packing and Kitting

Packaging of assets and products with or without accessories.

See Packing and Kitting

Transport and Distribution

Logistics services of transport throughout the country.

See Transport and Distribution


We have a dedicated team developing innovative solutions that improve and optimize the products and services of our customers.

See Innovation

Our solutions for the value and supply chain are an endorsement for your brand

Avoid allocating resources and efforts divided into independent processes and suppliers, configure with us an integral solution to and optimize your investments and resources.

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Beneficios del Contact Center de Woden®

Que sus clientes se sientan respaldados y bien atendidos, es un factor invaluable para cualquier compañía, nuestro contact center trabaja para que esto sea una realidad en su empresa.

Primera impresión

Su gestión de atención al cliente dará una buena impresión a los usuarios mediante una atención profesional, con vocación de servicio y claridad en la comunicación.

Clientes Satisfechos

Evite la frustración en sus clientes y usuarios finales, dándoles solución a sus inquietudes y novedades, directamente desde nuestro Contact Center.


Trabajamos para respaldar su marca y que los usuarios se sientan siempre acompañados al momento de resolver cualquier novedad.

Siempre dispuestos a servir a sus clientes

Satisfacción, comodidad, cumplimiento de las expectativas, valor percibido por el cliente, y fidelización, son tan solo algunos de los factores que su marca puede lograr a través de la correcta gestión de atención al cliente mediante nuestro Contact Center.

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