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Screen Repair

Cutting edge technology

We carry out specialized repair of screens and panels with cutting edge technology.


Repair of screens from 2.5" to 55", covering most of the sizes used by mobile devices, televisions, monitors and industrial panels.


We repair the parts or specific layers that make up the screen instead of replacing it completely, which generates savings for our customers.


Our screen repair laboratory (Clean Room) has cutting edge technology.

Clean Room

Equipped with machinery and measuring instruments that allow us to keep a strict control of the repair conditions of the screens that are processed.

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Benefits of our Screen Repair service

Avoid completely replacing a screen. With us you can repair the specific damaged component, at a lower cost.


When repairing the specific damaged components of a screen, we avoid our client incurring in costs of replacing the full screen.


Electronic equipment with advanced screens have a high cost, so repairing them to extend their useful life, results in the optimization of the investment.


Support with the most advanced technology in screen repair, to provide technical service to final users of their products of this type.

Our screen repair service is a savings engine

Prevent your company from investing prematurely in renovating fixed technological assets, when you can optimize your investments extending the useful life of current technologies. Also provide advanced technical service for users of your services.

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