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Authorized Service Centers

Support for your brand

Provide warranty and out of warranty support to your end users.

In warranty

We support the greatness of your brand by providing quality technical service for devices within the warranty period.

Out of warranty

We attend, at the user´s expense, technical support requests from final users with equipment outside the warranty period.


As an authorized service center, we carry out the proper certification processes for the brands and technologies for which we work.

Excellent service experience

Provide an excellent service experience to your customers through quality technical support, on time and with fair rates, whether in case of warranty or out of warranty. Build user fidelity with your brand.

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Benefits of our authorized service centers

Clients satisfied with the service experience, will give positive referencing of your brand.


The experience and quality of the authorized technical service generates user fidelity with your brand.


Get your users to become promoters of your brand, strengthening its reputation.


We avoid complicated processes for our clients, which defocus their attention and efforts.

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Authorized service centers are a support for your brand

Avoid allocating resources and divided efforts into independent processes and suppliers, configure with us an integral solution to your needs and provide the best after-sales service to your final users.

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